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The practice of Yoga has become very popular in the contemporary world. Yoga is a physical and spiritual discipline. With proper training, it enables people from all walks to explore and experience life in a meaningful way. Classes with Dr. Sindhoor take students through a journey that engages breathing techniques, stretch, strengthening and meditation. This class is suitable for all age groups.

Dr. Aparna Sindhoor is a reputed Yoga practitioner, artist and scholar. She has trained in Yoga and Indian spiritual and philosophical practices for more than twenty years. She trained in Yoga at the Ramana Gnana Kendra in Mysore, India since she was a little child. Her mother Dr. Srivalli, a renowned scholar in Mysore, India is Aparna’s philosophical and spiritual practice mentor. She also completed Yoga Teacher Training in Boston. Her life and education both in India and in North America has enabled her to create a holistic methodology in teaching yoga to all age groups from varied cultural backgrounds.