Kalari Ppayattu

Kalari ppayattu (Indian Martial Art): Kalari ppayattu is considered one of the oldest martial arts in the world. It is also called the “mother of all martial arts.” The story goes that along with Buddhism, the Indian martial art traveled from India to the rest of Asia between the 5th and 6th centuries.

Kalari ppayattu is a holistic martial art that encompasses physical training inspired by animal movements, yoga-like breathing techniques, core strengthening, weapon work, diet, physical therapy and bodywork. Kalari ppayattu is a way of life.

The following are a few important aspects of Kalari ppayattu:

1. Physical Training and Fitness - Kalari is an excellent knowledge base for physical training. This training is suitable for children and adults.

2. Self defense - techniques with weapons and unarmed.

3. Pressure points (Marma) - A system of vital pressure points for fighting and treatment.

4. Flexibility – An effective program to attain flexibility and desired physical and mental strength.

5. Health – Helps develop holistic living with physical and mental health; improves blood circulation and muscle functions; strengthens muscles and flexibility; improves self-confidence and mental agility.

6. Confidence - Helps to augment body balance and physical fitness, and helps to achieve self-reliance. On the whole brings a positive attitude to life

At Navarasa Dance Theater, Kalari ppayattu is taught by world-renowned gurus, including Anil Natyaveda who is an expert in the physical, emotional, spiritual and healing aspects of Kalari ppayattu. He is trained in both Southern and Northern styles of Kalari, making his approach holistic and extensive. He trains students from all walks of life, gives them necessary healing treatments and also teaches bodywork classes to advanced students.

Navarasa Dance Theater focuses on challenging the students to realize their full potential in Kalari ppayattu whether they are martial artists, dancers, yoga enthusiasts, atheletes, computer scientists, scholars, children or adults – each student is taught with great attention and uses it as a way to enrich and live a healthy and holistic life. Classes focus on how this ancient martial art can benefit a modern day human being. The students will learn breathing techniques, movement exercise series, self-defense techniques, weapon work and healing bodywork.

Classes: Group classes (children and adults), Family/Community classes and Private classes available in all levels:

Beginner level – An open class for newcomers and people who want to practice the basics of Kalari ppayattu.

Intermediate level – After one year of Kalari training small weapon work using wooden sticks is introduced in this level.

Advanced level – These classes are designed for students who have been in Kalari for over five years. Many kinds of core physical training, weapon work and healing method training are included in this level.

Kalari chikitsa (Body work): Ayurvedic oils are used in all of the bodywork

Sukha Thirummal – Bodywork for physical and mental relaxation.

Raksha Thirummal – Bodywork for curing the ailments connected with bones and muscles.

Katcha Thirummal – Bodywork for those students who practice Kalari, dance, martial art, sports and other physical activities on a regular basis. This bodywork will help gain flexibility, agility and develop core strength to perform better.

Guru Anil Natyaveda: is a Co-Director of Navarasa Dance Theater. He is a master Kalari ppayattu practitioner and has been teaching around the world for 20 years. Anil trained in Kalari ppayattu with teachers in both Northern Kerala and Southern Kerala styles, under gurus Chellappan Aasan, Govindan Kutti Gurukal, and Babu Raj Gurukal. Anil is among the few who have mastered both styles. He is also trained in classical, contemporary and aerial dance forms. He performs and teaches in India, USA, Canada and Europe. He has choreographed for films and television. In 2008 the Kerala State Guru Gopinath Trust - India honored Anil with the Natyaratnam award for his contribution to the movement arts, and in 2012 the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute award.

Guru Anil Natyaveda offers ongoing classes for schools and colleges, workshops, private lessons and film/television work. Please contact: navarasa@yahoo.com for further information.